Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Officer Not So Friendly: Taser Tales

I actually stopped covering Taser stories years ago. To keep up with all the tales of Taser abuse, not only would you need a dedicated blog, you would need your own server.

Police Taser Brutality: Blind Woman Tasered In Her Own Home

I’ve been a bit quiet on the subject of Taser torture, Taser murder and police brutality of late. It’s because it makes me so mad when I see ordinary people abused by ignorant out-of-control cops that I fear my already too high blood pressure may blow a gasket.

But in replying to a comment from somebody who is either one such described above or a self deluded supporter of same low-life, I got to research the subject again. Now I am not suggesting that all cops are ignorant, sadistic low-life. But the more I research, the more I read and almost every time I come into contact with cops (yes, here in England too) even to ask directions I have to conclude that a good cop is an exception.

By researching a reply to this comment from ‘Holbrookite’, I came across the following video of an innocent, unarmed, disabled and BLIND woman who apparently was a threat to the cops who knocked at her door. Lying sadists! More The Duckshhoot

Police Taser Brutality: Cowardly Cop Tasered 81-Year-Old Disabled Man Three Times

Stockton, Calfornia. Eighty One year-old Victor Schiaffini a disabled man who has suffered six strokes was forced to the ground and Tasered three times. The incident happened on July 29, 2009.

Mr Schiaffini has lost the use of his left arm due to the strokes and walks with the aid of a cane. He also takes several prescription drugs every day and yet this cowardly cop from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) chose to use a Taser to “subdue him”.

The CHP claims he attacked an officer with a deadly weapon, namely his walking cane. They arrested him and took him to San Joaquin County Jail where he remained for three days.

Victor Schiaffini who pleaded guilty to an infraction (probably just to get out of jail) is now considering filing an excessive use of force complaint. More The Duckshhoot

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