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Jesus Christ! You Can't Do That, It's 2012: Spain Blasphemy Trial

Update: Not Guilty.

From reading this short report, and his "previous," a fellow might be forgiven for thinking that the decision to prosecute Spanish artist, Javier Krahe for blasphemy, was a tad political. But whatever the reason, their are certainly dark forces at play here. As I say in the header, it's 2012, not 1512.

But to actually prosecute someone for blasphemy in 2012 Western Europe, is simply staggering. But then the fellow isn't actually being prosecuted for blasphemy, he is being prosecuted for "offending religious feelings," which surpasses staggering to go far beyond the pale.

How dangerous a precedent is that; what next trials for witchcraft? Jesus wept! this is Spain we are talking about here, not Saudi bloody Arabia. Perhaps Spain too should kick the Gregorian calendar into touch and join the Saudi goatherds back in the year 1433, because that's the message Spain is sending the world. Our level of sophistication has reverted to that of Saudi, land of darkness, Arabia.

Offending religious feelings! what about my feelings and all those like me? All those people who are rational, does Spain realise just how offensive this trial is to the likes us?

And is Spain so culturally far removed from Portugal, that it, Spain, prosecutes artists, yet a Portuguese artist, Jose Saramago, whose writings include at least two works that were labelled blasphemous, is awarded the title, Nobel Laureate? But much I suppose depends on who is adjudicating and upon what. A committee of rational thinkers for the Nobel and the Catholic bloody Church on what is considered blasphemous. Theocrats determining what is, or what isn't, offensive. What could possibly go wrong?

Which only leaves me now, to have a look in my 'blasphemy' folder for a bit of something to decorate this post with.

Oh! and perhaps inquire of my contacts in Spain to see if I can get a better insight into what is actually going on in this case.

Update, opinion from Spain:

My personal opinion about that case, fortunately like nearly everyone in this country, is that this judgment is an absurdity.

The case hase been kicking around the courthouses for eight years, has already been filed twice, but this time a Madrid court has applied for "first time" Article 525 of our Penal Code that prescribes a sentence of up to 12 months for offending "the feelings of the members of a religious denomination."

I hope that everything stays in nothing. When I get information about the sentence I'll get in touch with you, for now we are still waiting. Mercedes: Hasta que se sepa la Verdad

Spanish artist faces prison over 'how to cook Christ' film

Javier Krahe prosecuted for 'offending religious feelings' after 1978 short film was broadcast on Spanish TV
Ben Child
28 May 2012

A leading Spanish artist faces up to a year in prison after being prosecuted for "offending religious feelings" in relation to a short film he made more than 30 years ago that claimed to show "how to cook Jesus Christ".
Javier Krahe, who has been a popular and provocative figure in Spain for nearly half a century, made the film in 1978 but it was only shown on Spanish TV in 2004 as a backdrop to an interview with its creator. The little-known charge – comparable with but not identical to Britain's blasphemy law, remains part of the penal code despite never having been applied before in Spanish legal history.
Krahe's 54-second film uses the tone of a cooking programme, with chefs advised to remove Jesus' nails and separate him from his crucifix, which should be left to one side. Christ's tiny white body – a small figurine is used – is then shown being washed, lightly smothered in butter, placed on a bed of aromatic herbs in a glass tray and popped into an oven. "One gaunt Christ" is apparently enough to feed two, and when the dish is ready (after three days) it miraculously emerges from the oven without assistance.
There have been two previous failed attempts to prosecute Krahe, who is currently on bail for €192,000 (£153,000). The latest prosecution is the result of a court action by the Catholic legal association the Centro Juridico Tomas Moro.
"How do you show that someone's religious feelings have been hurt?" Krahe told El Pais newspaper, adding that he considers the prosecution to be absurd. "I'm accused of a series of things that I haven't done. I don't appear on television cooking Christ, and I haven't ever used these images [in a performance]." His supporters say freedom of speech laws should be changed to allow room for blasphemy.
Krahe is due to appear in Madrid's regional court, where statements from witnesses in the case are due to be heard on Monday. Gruniad
Other: Spain Review
Just the one above for decoration, but a small gallery of Jesus and Mo below. Two birds with one blasphemous stone as it were.


Anonymous said...

The 68-year-old artist told members of the press waiting outside the Madrid courtroom that he was innocent and misunderstood and that if he were found guilty, he would “go into exile in France.”

Krahe, who is known for his ironic and irreverent lyrics and was one of the leading lights in Madrid’s Movida – a countercultural movement of the 1980s, whose members included filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar – stated that he will continue to make songs about the Church, but that he will always write many more songs about girls. The average, he said, is about “nine songs about girls for every one about the Church.”

One of Krahe’s friends and sympathisers, television comic El Gran Wyoming, has publicly suggested that Krahe should be “sentenced to pray three Hail Maries instead of the fine,” which could be as high as 144,000 euros. He also called the whole trial “absurd” and said that “we are increasingly returning to the Inquisition and not even because of what you say now, but because of what you said 20 years ago.”

“This hearing makes no sense and we should take care that we don’t all turn into the Taliban,” added El Gran Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

Mo: It’s just that I could never admit to being so wrong for so long about something so important

Jesus: Unthinkable, isn’t it?

Himself said...

Post updated, Mercedes reflecting the obvious I suppose.

Another Failed Bennett Private Prosecution. Any More We don't Know About? (Blasphemy)

Anonymous said...

Neonazi's and "blasphemy".