Thursday, March 20, 2008

As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs


Well it is Easter!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

It's not because of the clip, totally harmless I'd say, but suddenly account required for the link above. Another link,, just to show the difference. ? net rules noob

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your eggs

The Archbishop of Canterbury uses his Easter message to tell us that the debate between atheism and religion is moving on from “a pointless stalemate”, implying that religion is winning.

His likely replacement, John Sentamu Archbishop of York shows us the true place of religion in our society by, in his column in the Sun (!) advising us to buy Fairtrade Easter eggs and telling newspapers ”to hold before the world the face of Madeleine McCann, who is still missing”.

What a waste of space and newsprint the man and his religion is.


Himself said...

Thank you Chuck.

I did have a root round for something reciprocal, but nothing really suitable.

John Sentamu, the black fellow with a proven track record for pro-McCann drivel.

Always on message and Murdoch's man on the job.

Just like Cameron, the wisdom of Solomon not.

What a wonderful choice for Canterbury. Isn't the church in enough trouble as it is?

By the by, Kate Upton, sex appeal, 4-
Kate Moss, a common as muck little slut, sex appeal, 10+

And yes, wouldn't I just!

Happy Easter.