Friday, March 07, 2008

Dutch Raise Terror Alert. Film Goes Ahead Says Defiant Wilders


He has described Dutch culture as superior to what he says is a retarded Islamic culture and believes immigrants must assimilate by getting rid of what he calls the intolerant and fascist parts of the Koran.

I couldn't agree more, living by an eighth century rule book echoing the ramblings of a demented pedo bandit is shall we say a touch outmoded.

The Netherlands has raised its terrorism alert level to "substantial", partly due to the expected release of an anti-Islam film.

It is the second-highest alert level, although the justice ministry said "there is no concrete evidence" that the country faced possible attacks.

The move comes as far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders prepares to air his film, which has already angered Muslims.

Mr Wilders has said the film is about the Koran, but gave few details.more

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