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The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber: Robert Fisk


"It was the same old argument. We could produce a hundred good ways – peaceful ways – for him to resolve the injustices of this world; but the moment Khaled invoked the name of God, our suggestions became irrelevant. Rationality – humanism, if you like – simply withered away. If a Western president could invoke a war of "good against evil", his antagonists could do the same."


Robert Fisk brings us this very readable article on the cult of the suicide bomber.

The figures he quotes for the much under reported attacks by suicide bombers are equally astounding as they are harrowing.

As a byline, I know it's five years away but I cannot help but have this foreboding of what might occur when Britain hosts the 2012 Olympics.

The Olympic bid was one bid that I would have gladly seen us lose to the French, you know those garlic munching snail eating froggies that had the brains and the foresight to distance themselves from what has become the biggest military disaster since Hitler invaded Russia, and I make no mention of the scale of the humanitarian disaster.

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
What is astonishing – what is not mentioned by the Americans or the Iraqi "government" or the British authorities or indeed by many journalists – is the sheer scale of the suicide campaign, the vast numbers of young men (only occasionally women), who wilfully destroy themselves amid the American convoys, outside the Iraqi police stations, in markets and around mosques and in shopping streets and on lonely roads beside remote checkpoints across the huge cities and vast deserts of Iraq. Never have the true figures for this astonishing and unprecedented campaign of self-liquidation been calculated.

But a month-long investigation by The Independent, culling four Arabic-language newspapers, official Iraqi statistics, two Beirut news agencies and Western reports, shows that an incredible 1,121 Muslim suicide bombers have blown themselves up in Iraq. This is a very conservative figure and – given the propensity of the authorities (and of journalists) to report only those suicide bombings that kill dozens of people – the true estimate may be double this number.

On several days, six – even nine – suicide bombers have exploded themselves in Iraq in a display of almost Wal-Mart availability. If life in Iraq is cheap, death is cheaper.more

I'm using this graphic out of context, it was originally composed to portray the other "Islamic bomb," that of the birth rate of Muslims in the West, pardon me if I don't feel threatened.

And what better to accompany the post than this.

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