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For those of you that have not been following the case and are wondering what prompted these graphics, briefly, for I have no desire to write about these two scumbags.

The McCanns are official suspects in the death of their daughter.

In the hope of giving some legitimacy to their claim that their daughter Madeliene was abducted this despicable pair have hitched their wagon to various other children that have gone missing.

In particular the case of Mari Luz Cortés who was abducted off the street and now tragically there is news that Mari Luz's body was discovered yesterday.

Rather than explain in detail the feelings of myself and countless others I shall direct you to a Portuguese blogger Joana Morais who has been covering this in some depth, a sample below of why the latest antics of this odious pair have disgusted so many of us.

Today, the day that some respect should be given to the grieving family of Mari Luz Cortés, the Express reports about a dead girl, not even writing Mari Luz name, and a link to Madeleine.

And as if this wasn't enough five hours after the news about the recovery of Mari Luz's body, there were already various similar articles (like press releases) stating how the McCanns feel:

«Gerry and Kate McCann have offered their prayers and sympathy to the family of a missing five-year-old Spanish girl whose body is reported to have been found.

A spokesman for the McCanns said they were aware of reports that the body of Mari Luz Cortes had been discovered in the southern Spanish city of Huelva, just 120 miles away from where their daughter Madeleine disappeared.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, sent Mari Luz's parents messages of support after her disappearance and the British couple had also planned to include her in their poster campaign in Spain.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Kate and Gerry are aware of the reports and it's clearly very upsetting for them.

"Their thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.

"Kate and Gerry had kept a very close eye on the search for Mari Luz and they felt there was a degree of connection between the two families.

"They sent messages of support after she went missing."»

How low can they go?

'There are some things that should be done with dignity and with privacy.
Sending a message of condolence to the Cortés family is one of them. In fact sending any message of condolence to anybody should be done with dignity and in private. It shouldn't be released to the press in a press release, hours after the poor child has been found.'more

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