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And Now For Something Completely Different

I am going to present the relative article in a separate post below this one, slip it in out of sequence as it were.

The option is yours, go to the principal article first or stay with the thread and read some of the comments that I have copied here.

I am neither going to comment on what is writ below nor am I going to highlight any particular passage. (well just the one) It all makes for an insightful read.

For those that are not familiar with Layla Anwar she is a dispossessed Iraqi woman woman taking refuge in, as far as I know, Syria.

She is not unsurprisingly more than a little angry.

These first few comments, with a little editing to remove the dross, were posted in response to Anwar's post entitled "A Brief Hate Statement."

Greg from USA said...


I think you just hate men.

How was life for you and your family under Saddam? Well taken care of?

15/3/08 9:43 PM

Anonymous layla anwar said...


I was referring to the detainees that were raped and castrated by your brave boys...
Have you never seen the pictures?

15/3/08 11:45 PM

Anonymous Greg from USA said...

It is an abomination that you make the US military out to be a bunch of Abu Ghraib rapists. Wherever you go, there are criminals - the criminals from Abu Ghraib are traitors, and are rotting in jail - at least some of them. There will never be a justice that can stand up to this crime, but what you are saying in your blog is not only inaccurate, it invites more aggregate suffering. The US Soldier is one of the most disciplined, professional soldiers in the world. In Iraq, the US Soldier is more trusted than the Iraqi government. For every criminal you find, there are ten soldiers that personally take it upon themselves to help a sick Iraqi child, or visit with and comfort a suffering Iraqi family. US Soldiers put their lives on the line every day to protect Iraqis.

My friend asked me once why we don't just nuke Iraq. I tried to explain to him that we are trying to turn the Middle East around. We want to win hearts and minds and switch the ME to democracy, or at least one country, so that some day our children will no longer have to worry about animals who fly planes into buildings. I don't think he really gets the connection. He simply hates the terrorists. You hate everyone. Is that true? The cycle of hate goes on.

You never answered my question - I suppose you were better off under Saddam. Wife of a military man? Did he die in a fight with the Americans?

BTW, (this is a serious question) why don't they show the pictures of the thousands of Iraqis tortured by Al Qaeda?

16/3/08 12:11 AM

Anonymous Greg from USA said...

I read your other blogs. I guess I wasted my time. You are just another typical ME conspiracy theorist. Is that right?

If 100,000 tons of gold were discovered in a tunnel in Baghdad, and every Iraqi was suddenly rich, you would find a way to squander it or give it up and then blame it on "the Man" - the Americans in this case. Oh, wait - that already happened. You are sitting on top of enough oil to make everyone rich, you have a new, free constitution, and all sides have suffered immeasurably. The last time anything like this happened was the birth of the USA.

Bush is not a vampire, Americans deserve peace as much as you do, let go of your hate - stop being a stooge for the America haters. Put your brilliant mind to some good use.

16/3/08 1:27 AM

Anonymous Perla said...

Greg you are for lack of a better suited word at the moment, a complete
moron. First, because you actually believe that Bush and Co. don't have some ulterior motive for US OCCUPATION of Iraq. HA. If you knew anything about the role that US has played throughout the world as a democracy-restoring nation, you would think twice about the things you say. I was born in Chile, under the dictatorship of Agusto Pinochet,put in place by the lovely American CIA. They savagely ripped out the heart of my country by stripping it of its former president Allende and posting yet another puppet. My mother lost many family members under Pinochet's regime, and this is all because of America's filthy "benevolent" intentions. I live in the US, and even with all the media bullshit coverup of Iraq and ME, I am still aware of what is happening, and the shit US is causing over there. One day you will remove your head out of your ass (or the President's) and understand what we are fucking up. Layla is fully entitled to think and feel in the matter she bests sees fit, because she has lived through this torture. You have not. So go back to your la-Z-boy and drink your red bull.

Secondly, you suggesting that under occupation, the
population of Iraq could magically rise above their oppression and take charge of the most valuable resource on earth. I hope you are alive in 20 years when China takes over this whole damned country and strips us of our rights to create a livable existence out of the natural resources we have. Oh wait, that's right, everything we need we can find at our friendly neighborhood wal-mart.

16/3/08 2:25 AM

Anonymous Greg from USA said...

Acknowledged, the US looks out for its own interests first. I look out for my family first. The fact that Germany and Japan were completely rebuilt and successful democracies, while the CIA ruined your country was due to the chance. Sorry about that. Ill bet your hero Hugo will foul things up before it is all over - central planning is iffy at best. Our military never occupied your country...

Other than Taiwan, China isn't going to take over anything. For better or worse, it is in Japans interest to check Chinas power.

BTW, its not a la-Z-boy, it is a glider-rocker and diet Pepsi. After all, I need my exercise.

16/3/08 2:48 AM

Anonymous bluegum said...

response to Greg from US
Go do some reading. Even your own US countryman, William Blum, former US State Department, in his excellently referenced and detailed book “Killing Hope “ has listed the US military's covert and overt operations in 56 countries of the world, since the end of world war 2. (1945-2003)

Blum thoroughly details and references the US military's/CIA dirty rotten heinous crimes carried out against people of these countries; of which the US bombed 25 of them, and caused the end of life for several million people.

So just for starters you have at least the majority of people from 56 Countries around the world that hate the US's guts. That excludes the US's puppet well-fed elite in these countries of course. In 2008 you can now add a few million more onto this number.

One can honour soldiers defending their own sovereign country. But one does not honour the US's barbaric marauding invaders of bullies cum pillagers, destroyers, ransackers, torturers, rapists, assassins, chemical poisoners, and murderers. This is what the majority of the worlds' people see the US and its military as. Bearing in mind not one of these 56 countries were a threat to the US.

And while your US airmen/women brag about the precision of their bombs of death. You disgusting cowards have the audacity, when you fire on civilian targets to tell us it was a mistake.

The issue that stands out here, is the glaring fact that the US never takes on anybody their own size. Like most bully boys it picks on those who have little defense to no defense. And then its excuse-for-soldiers kid themselves they are heroes.

In view of all this, of course you are a hateful country, which millions of people around the world healthily, and quite justifiably hate.

16/3/08 12:34 PM

Greg from USA said...

Whatever - I don't care if the rest of the world hates us - they read or listen to what they want to hear - William Blum, Saddam Hussein, whoever gives them an easy answer for their problems. If you think blind hatred gets you somewhere, you are sooo sadly wrong. If bigots in Al Qaeda attack the US again - worse than 911 - it will turn all of our la-Z-boy cowboys into a raging bunch of killers - not the guys that are treating our enemies with "kid gloves" now.

Iraqis are much better off working with us to clear out Al Qaeda, then we will go home and you can run your own affairs, less Saddam, with the only democratic system in the ME other than Israel. The US should/will only meddle when it feels it is threatened. (By the way, any threat to the oil supply is definitely a life threat to millions here - we have these wild lefties over here that have blocked us from building enough nuclear plants to cut our oil dependence. They would rather we meddle in your affairs than take any risk of an accident) Finally, America and the rest of the world are joined. If the USA falls into chaos, your satisfaction will be tempered by the knowledge that we will probably drag everyone down with us.

As for the atrocities, I didn't commit them so I can't apologize for them. WHY DONT YOU WALK DOWN TO YOUR NEIGHBORS HOUSE, the one who scared off, tortured or murdered half the sunnis or shia in town and ask him to apologize first?

We are the good guys, no matter what William Blum or Kim Jong Ill or anyone else says. I would show your people a lot more mercy than you would show mine. And that goes for my family, my town, my state, etc., so I can confidently project that thinking onto the majority of US soldiers. I can be angry with this blog or posts without lusting to see your skin peeled off - can you say the same?

"You disgusting cowards have the audacity, when you fire on civilian targets to tell us it was a mistake." Yep, it was a mistake. We don't target civilians.

"the US never takes on anybody their own size" The last time we did that, 50 million people died in WWII. Is that what you lust for?

If YOU killed my family, I would hunt YOU. I would hunt YOU down and kill YOU. That is the only way I would be a slave to my hate. But then if I captured my enemy I would have the discipline not to torture them. Unless you have information that can save lives, there is no reason to do it. I know when the devil speaks to me. Is there a devil in Islam? Or is it G-d telling you to blowtorch holes in people's feet?

16/3/08 5:53 PM

I intended to finish at this point but before parting I thought I should offer this last nugget.

Anonymous American Woman said...

Awwwww you hate me Layla? That really breaks me up!!! Good God, how pathetic can you get? Let that hate consume you...go ahead, let that hate it for me.

You know, this blog entry should be the automatic response sent to every American who agrees with anything you have to say. You know, the ones who kiss your ass, begging for forgiveness of their sins. I am talking about the Americans who don't think they are included in your hate-speak - when, in fact, you have more contempt for them than anyone else. You make my skin crawl.

Hate me - I still have electricity
Hate me - I have running water
Hate me - I have a job & money
Hate me - I have law & order
Hate me - I don't spend my life stand in line
Hate me - I have Medicine & insurance
Hate me - I own a house
Hate me - I have a big family who love me & I love them
Hate me - I live in my own country
Hate me - I am a Christian
Hate me - I can walk down the street without fear
Hate me - I am laughing at you
Hate me - IT'S AN HONOR!!!

Face it, Americans are far more innocent than Iraqies. Iraqies relate perfectly to their so called fearless leader, Saddam - a cold, indifferent murderer himself. What is so lovable about you? You are purple fingered traders, liars, cry-babies, backward shits, cowards, sectarian & tribal assholes, fundimentalist nuts, pedophile worshipers, crooks & criminals, rapists, pimps, whores & torturers.

I need to take a bath just thinking about you people....while you enjoy wrapping yourself up in that new American flag you sick fuck...

17/3/08 3:06 PM

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