Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Have To Agree Professor Dawkins Religion Is....


Not that I ever needed convincing, the root of evil and the rest.

I'm finding it rather difficult to extricate myself from the Dutch/Islam theme that started today's blogging.

What have I got now? an open letter to Hirshi Ali penned by the murderer of Theo Van Gogh


In the name of Allah the Kind, the Merciful.

Peace and blessings upon the Emir of the Mujahideen, the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoulou Allah (Sala Allaho alaihie wa Sallam), his family and companions and those who follow him truthfully till the day of judgment.

There is no agression except against the agressors.

The following:

Peace and blessings upon any who follows the Leadership

This is an open letter to an infidel fundamentalists, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, of the Thaghoet party VVD.

Dear miss Hirshi Ali,

Since your appearence in the political arena of the Netherlands you are constantly engaging in terrorizing Muslims and Islam with your remarks. You are not the first at this and will also not be the last who has joined the crusade against Islam..........

There is one certainty in the whole of existence; and that is that everything comes to an end.

A child born unto this world and fills this universe with its presence in the form of its first life's cries, shall ultimately leave this world with its death cry.

A blade of grass sticking up its head from the dark earth and being caressed by the sunlight and fed by the descending rain, shall ultimately whither and turn to dust.

Death, Miss Hirshi Ali, is the common theme of all that exists. You, me and the rest of creation can not disconnect from this truth.

There shall be a Day where one soul can not help another soul.

A Day with terrible tortures and torments. a Day where the injust shall force from their longues horrible screams.

Screams, Miss Hirshi Ali, that will cause shivers to roll down one's spine; that will make hairs stand up from heads. more

And if that's not enough, here below is the suicide note left by this, and here I will borrow from the previous article, this goat fucker, for he is nothing more, a goat fucker with a seventh century goat fucking mentality in a twenty first century world.

A goat fucker who is nothing but a blind follower of
a demented cult built on the hallucinations of a psychotic, thieving, dishonourable, and a genocidal Arab.

But this tripe written below was in vain, instead of this goat fucker becoming a martyr and going off to his mythical goat fucking paradise, the cops shot him in the leg after his attempt at "suicide by cop."

Now this goat fucker languishes in jail, that's about as near to paradise as he's going to get.

Dipped in blood

This then is my final word
Pierced by bullets
Dipped in blood
As I had hoped

I leave you a message
For you.. The fighter
De tree of Tawheed is waiting
Yearning for your blood
Make the sale
And Allah will give you way
He will give you the Garden
Instead of the earthly debris

To the enemy too I have something to say
You will die for sure
Even if you tour the whole world
Chased by the knights of DEATH
Colouring the streets Red

To the hypocrites finally I say this:
Wish for Death or else shut up and ... Sit down.
Dear brothers and sisters I am close to my end...
But the story surely does not end here.

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