Friday, March 14, 2008

McCain Camp And Racism


The rank and unrepentant racism of GOP Rep. Steve King has presented John McCain with his first test of leadership since securing the Republican nomination. And he's failing miserably.

Faced with King's vile and imbecilic assertion that "the optics" of a Barack Obama presidency would encourage "the radical Islamists" -- and that al-Qaeda "will be dancing in the streets" if Obama wins -- McCain had a spokesman tell Fox News that McCain "doesn't agree with King's comments," and offer the toothless bromide: "He intends to run a respectful race and keep it about the issues."

"Doesn't agree"? That's the strongest response he is willing to offer? Where is the unequivocal repudiation? Where is the insistence that terrorism is a real threat this country is facing and should not be toyed with for repugnant partisan attacks? Arianna

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