Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bangla Cartoonist Arifur Rahman Released


I reported about this fellow back in September, well it would appear he has been sat in jail cell for the last six months.

Maybe he should look on the bright side, he still has his head on his shoulders, but I can't help but think it wouldn't be a very pleasant six months for him.

Previous including the offensive cartoon, it don't take much I tell ye.

Cartoon Capers, They're At It Again: Arifur Rahman

A cartoonist in Bangladesh who was jailed after the government said his drawings were insulting to Muslims has been released, prison officials say.

The country's Deputy Inspector General of prisons, Maj Shamsul Haider Siddiqui, said that Arifur Rahman was released on the orders of a court.

He said that the police official bringing charges against him repeatedly failed to appear in court.

Mr Rahman is a former cartoonist for the Bengali-language daily Prothom Alo.

Last year Bangladesh's home minister said that Mr Rahman had hurt the sentiments of the people.more

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