Monday, September 24, 2007

Cartoon Capers,They're At It Again: Arifur Rahman

Oh the poor Muslims and their delicate sensibilities, I do wish they would give it a bloody rest.

Street clashes have broken out in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, as Islamic activists protested over the publication of an "offensive" cartoon.

Witnesses say that hundreds joined the protest, even though such demonstrations are officially banned under the country's state of emergency.

Police baton-charged some of the protesters as they tried to break through barricades.

The leading Bangla-language newspaper published the offending cartoons.more

This is the reason why the poor dears have got their knickers in a twist, what a crock.

Man: Hey boy, what is your name?
Boy: My name is Babu.

Man: It is customary to say "Muhammad" before saying a name.

Man: What is your father’s name?
Boy: Muhammad Abu.

Man: So what is on your lap?
Boy: Muhammad cat.

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