Monday, September 17, 2007

Let Us Not Forget We Are Animals

Am I sexist? most certainly. Where do women belong? given the choice, on a pedestal and not a war zone.

First things first, let's consign PC to it's proper place in life, the garbage can; if a person needs to adhere to a PC code to get through life then that person is a poor specimen indeed.

So without further ado, the question: Do women belong in war zones? succinct answer no, less succinct, no fucking way whatsoever.

History might have it that women have been in similar situations, albeit mainly peripheral in western societies, and have done invaluable sterling work. But historically there was a fair degree of separation between the sexes and seldom if ever were men and women thrown together in a prolonged combat situation.

Let us then look at the situation in Iraq. Tens of thousands of young men who by definition of being young are already awash with all natures intended hormones and all natures little tricks that only manage to be repressed and controlled by virtue that they, the young men, live in and abide by the rules of society.

But take these hormone drenched men and put them in a war zone, where society and it's rules seem a distant memory, pump them full of testosterone and adrenalin, let them wake up to thinking this might be there last day on earth or worse get blown into a bloody limbless mess that if they are unlucky they might survive, take all these factors and all these men and put them in close proximity to women and you will get one thing, trouble, trouble in the form of constant sexual harassment and rape.

The PC brigade might offer that no matter the situation men should still behave in a PC manner, well I can tell you the PC brigade are idiots if not downright fucking stupid and any mother father boyfriend that lets a girl go off to a war zone and not expect her to be at best sexually harassed is also fucking stupid and naive beyond compare.

Do I condone this behaviour? not in the least, but I'm a realist which is a far far better thing to be than Politically Correct.

Take a look at this short video from Truthout.
Military Sexual Violence:
Command Rape

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