Monday, September 17, 2007

Airman Cassandra Hernandez Will Not Face Court-Marshal


I reported the plight of Airman 1st Class Cassandra Hernandez at the end of august, I didn't try to come to any conclusion because of the circumstances surrounding the case, those circumstances being that all concerned were pissed out of their brains and by Hernandez's own admission (watch video in Sharia Law link) things were fuzzy and there was much she couldn't remember.

She did however remember enough to say the sex was non-consensual and brought charges of rape against the three men involved. Given the prior (and ongoing) treatment by the military of women in similar situations (see post following this) it was no small decision by Hernadez to bring charges.
I can't moralise or make judgements here, I wasn't there.

Sharia Law Thriving In The USAF?

Update 17 September.

Female Airman Won't Face Court-Marshal
Charged with committing indecent acts after refusing to testify against a man she had accused of rape, only to see those charges later dropped, a female airman said Friday that she is no longer sure about a career in the Air Force.....

The commander of the 43rd Airlift Wing at Pope Air Force Base decided this week to drop the charge of committing an indecent act against Hernandez, 20, who instead pleaded guilty to underage drinking and received a nonjudicial punishment, said one of her attorneys, Capt. Chris Eason. ABC News.
Airforce Times

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