Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bowie Donates Ten Large To Jena Six Fund


It seems to be the same AP story that is doing the rounds.

For what it's worth, I have previously been accused of being pro-black, (in the comments) this wouldn't be the case at all at all. I wouldn't hold much hope for a white that falls into the clutches of such a corrupt immoral and vindictive regime as the inappropriately named American Justice System. Given that it is all these things, then what chance has a black boy from Bumfuck Louisiana?

NEW ORLEANS — David Bowie has donated $10,000 to a legal defense fund for six black teens charged in an alleged attack on a white classmate in the tiny central Louisiana town of Jena.

The British rocker's donation to the Jena Six Legal Defense Fund was announced by the NAACP as thousands of protesters were expected to march through Jena on Thursday in defense of Mychal Bell and five other teens. The group has become known as the Jena Six. more

I have reported a fair bit on this case, search "jena" in the header toolbar, but for the most comprehensive report on just how bad the system in Jena really is this is the one to read, particularly the Democracy Now links at the bottom of the page.

Modern-Day Court Lynching; Jena Louisiana

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