Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Dark Ages Thrive In Red Oak Iowa


Not all the Taliban live in Afghanistan, you will need to check out the links to get a proper feel for the story.

The Des Moines Register ran an editorial today about Steve Bitterman’s firing (see also here) from Southwestern Community College in Red Oak. Bitterman says he was fired because he told students that the biblical “garden of Eden” story shouldn’t be interpreted literally (read: as accurate historical reporting); students say it was because he was hostile and derogatory toward them......more

From the Helicopter Parents link.

College students are adults. They should act like adults. That means finally jumping into the big, bad world and taking care of their own problems. Lodging their own complaints.

Not whining to Mom and Dad about something that offends them.

Apparently these helicopter parents just can't stop hovering - even after their "children" have reached adulthood....more

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