Friday, September 28, 2007

Americans Are Not Safe Anywhere From Police.

America’s Police Brutality Pandemic
By Paul Craig Roberts

Roberts is a man after my own heart, he's usually right on the money, never more so than with this article and furnished with some good links.

How easily the situation ends up as it is today, the perfect breeding ground for such excesses is a nation divided. When organisations such as the ACLU are demonised by the right wing, the law and order crowd, the rednecks and others who haven't got the collective brains to realise that the ACLU is fighting for all Americans, and is in fact probably the most American institute in the country.

America’s Police Brutality Pandemic
By Paul Craig Roberts

Self-righteous Americans justify these monstrous crimes as necessary to ensure their own safety from terrorist attack. Yet, Americans are in far greater danger from their own police forces than they are from foreign terrorists. Ironically, Bush’s “war on terror” has made Americans less safe at home by diminishing US civil liberty and turning an epidemic of US police brutality into a pandemic.

The only terrorist most Americans will ever encounter is a policeman with a badge, nightstick, mace and Taser. A Google search for “police brutality videos” turns up........

Police forces have always attracted bullies with authoritative personalities who desire to beat senseless anyone who does not quake in their presence. (and correctional officers. me) In the past police could get away with brutalizing blacks but not whites. Today white citizens are as likely as racial minorities to be victims of police brutality.

Who is a terrorist? If the police and the US government have the mentality of airport security, they cannot tell a terrorist from an 86-year old Marine general on his way to give a speech at West Point. Retired Marine Corps General Joseph J. Foss was delayed and nearly had his Medal of Honor confiscated. Airport security regarded the pin on the metal as a weapon that the 86-year old Marine general and former governor of South Dakota could use to hijack an airliner and commit a terrorist deed.......more

Have Volts Will Taser


Kent Kauffman said...

Don't cough either, or you might be arrested.

I'd like to deserve it if I ever get tossed into a police car again.

Himself said...

Hello Kent, I read your first person account of the goings on only yesterday, can't for the life of me remember where.

Kent Kauffman said...

You probably read it on my blog. I locked it until the trial and whatever civil case happens next are over.

My political views aren't exactly mainstream, and I don't want to be hamstrung by a judge or jury member that bases their decisions on my blog writings versus this case.

Himself said...

Hello Kent, it came to me some shortwhile later where I had read it, I must have been having a problem with my short term memory.

Yes probably the right decision, if the pigs are willing to prosecute you over such a petty trumped up charge then anything is possible as they pursue their policy of serve and protect.

I wish you all the luck in the world, perhaps you might let me know how you fair or if you are still updating your blog, invite me as a reader.

Best wishes.