Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Popcorn With MEMRI TV

Computers are a big waste of time, a description that is neither true or accurate.
Computers are a big time waster, now we're getting somewhere.

Blogs are the biggest time waster, most true, most undoubtedly true.

So for more hours wasted/spent than I would care to admit to, what have we got? a few clips from MEMRI TV.

I suppose I could compare video clips with frogs, you have to kiss an awful lot before you find a prince. So having kissed a whole pile of frogs this morning I offer up these, well not exactly princes, shall we say princes in waiting.

I have in the past linked to many a MEMRI clip but what I offer up are a few of the lesser known ones.
The only one of the more popular ones I shall link to is Wafa Sultan, but by now I would have thought everyone on the planet must have already watched it.

So grab the popcorn.

If you have loose Western morals you will end up embracing homosexuality bestiality and paedophilia.

A compilation on the issue of wife beating in Islamic culture, woman know thy place.

Sixty seconds showing a mass hanging in Iran. Discretion advised.

Discussions on the educational curicula in the land of darkness (Saudi) more interesting towards the end.

Damned homosexualists, didn't Ahmadinejad say only yesterday that there were no gays in Iran? probably because he's hung half of them and the other half are keeping stum

Those damned footballers, stop now this is getting silly.

And last but not least Wafa Sultan.

I will dig through my own archives an see what else I can come up with.

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