Thursday, September 20, 2007

Egypt Shuffles Slowly Ahead on FGM


Hardly surprisingly that progress is terribly slow with attitudes such as these, but then just how how fast can people be dragged out of the ignorance of the dark ages?

Not fast enough I fear for the future countless thousands of girls who will yet have to endure this barbarity.

The men in this poor farming community were seething. A 13-year-old girl was brought to a doctor’s office to have her clitoris removed, a surgery considered necessary here to preserve chastity and honor.

The girl died, but that was not the source of the outrage. After her death, the government shut down the clinic, and that got everyone stirred up.

“They will not stop us,” shouted Saad Yehia, a tea shop owner along the main street. “We support circumcision!” he shouted over and over.

“Even if the state doesn’t like it, we will circumcise the girls,” shouted Fahmy Ezzeddin Shaweesh, an elder in the village. more

“The Koran is a newcomer to tradition in this manner,” she said. “As a male society, the men took parts of religion that satisfied men and inflated it. The parts of the Koran that helped women, they ignored.”
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Thank you, now that really was interesting. If I could come up with a central theme, there is a good post in this lot.

I'm just going to wander into the village for eggs, maybe something will form in me 'ead.

But doesn't it all make disturbing reading. She kind of reminds me of female guards in the Nazi death camps. Loyalty to the party above all other things; your sisters and humanity to name but two.


It is disturbing though when women follow the lead of men in their hatred for their own kind. Garf, a product of years of brainwashing, is a living proof that misogyny is also practiced by women against women.........

.......... Her enthusiasm to curb women’s rights only proves that her loyalty is not to her gender, but to the rigid doctrine preached by the Brotherhood, a member of which she has been since she was 15 years old.


First rule of Cultism.

Our families are the future of our country.” Muslim Brotherhood members are discouraged to marry from outside the organization.

From the Michele Bachmann link to the Slate article.


Al Garf thinks divorce is too easy under current law. “Egyptian women don't need better divorce laws because Islam will teach them to work out their problems first,” as in religious couples’ counseling, she said. Once the Brotherhood has been in power for a while, “no one will want to get divorced anymore.”


The only wall decoration in the waiting area is a giant framed poster of the 10 sayings of Brotherhood founder Hasan al Banna, including the advice: “Don’t laugh a lot without a reason.”

“Don’t laugh a lot without a reason.”

“Don’t laugh a lot without a reason.”

There's one thing, if I do manage to come with an article, I won't be stuck for a title.

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Just read your first link (last) I need to get my doing done first and then sit down with it all again.

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Female genital mutilation now for twice the money

But since the revolution, Umm Mohamed says she has seen a new increase in female genital mutilations.

During the Mubarak regime people used to fear punishment, but these days the medical practitioners in her quarter don't even bother to hide their actions any more: "During the day, they circumcise little boys, and the girls they do at night for twice the money," Mohamed says angrily. "Everybody knows this."