Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Part Of Guity As Sin Do You Not Understand? Phil Spector

I despair, I really do. The Denver Post gives a more comprehensive analysis of the legalese.
It's ironic that the great travesty of justice, OJ, is in the news, the cops must be dancing in the aisles, the Juice won't be squeezing out of this one.

LOS ANGELES—The judge in Phil Spector's murder trial said he is considering giving jurors the option of finding the record producer guilty of a lesser charge than second degree murder after the panelists reported a 7-5 impasse following seven days of deliberations.

Spector's defense team was expected Wednesday to vigorously oppose Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler's expected proposal to help jurors break their deadlock, while legal scholars said a conviction on lesser charges could be vulnerable to appeal. more

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