Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why I hate Religion. Chapter One Zillion And Two: HPV Vaccine

I was going to make the end of the headline read HPV Vaccine And The Bloody Catholics, but although this story features a Catholic school board it's not just the Catholics that are embracing near Islamic values when it comes to their daughters.

I feel like screaming, but I will say this to all the fuckedup repressed sanctimonious religious cocksuckers that are against vaccination, you don't own your daughter, you have a duty to your daughter before any duty to some imaginary celestial super being. Do what is right, the question of choice shouldn't enter into the equation, not in a million years.
Your daughters are going to get laid, get used to the idea.

Local Catholic parents will have the choice whether their daughters will get a new HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer at their schools later this autumn.

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board says the policy addresses concerns that providing the shot may be seen as condoning premarital sex, while at the same time following a provincial directive that the potentially lifesaving vaccine be made available. more

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