Tuesday, September 11, 2007

British Metrification: EU Throws The Towel In

The European Union is set to confirm it has abandoned what became one of its most unpopular policies among many British people.

It is proposing to allow the UK to continue using pounds, miles and pints as units of measurement indefinitely.

The European Commission will announce later that it is leaving all future decisions to the British government.

The decision will not affect current law on metric measurements, but means imperial equivalents can be used too. more


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Dear Only in America:

Oh, I'm a big fan of Betty Boop!
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Anonymous said...

Britain has been an important partner for the Netherlands and will continue to be so, ...


Anonymous said...

A UK outside the EU would be an island somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and Europe, Rutte told the forum.


Well, what can I say. <3

Anonymous said...

The Brits will stay our neighbours, our friends, our liberators, even if they lose their minds.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the EU was a football club: once you've joined up and you're in this club, you can't then say you want to play rugby. - Laurent Fabius

Even Joschka Fischer, the influential former German foreign minister, accused Mr. Cameron of living in "ideological dream worlds".


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I would now like to turn to Britain. I listened with interest to the Prime Minister’s dual message: the “yes” to British traditions and to British interests which is not intended to be a “no” to Europe. Of course, it is up to the British to decide on their own future, but perhaps they are prepared to listen to an appeal from Schloss Bellevue:

Dear people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, dear new British citizens! We would like you to stay with us! We need your experience as the oldest parliamentary democracy, we need your traditions, your pragmatism and your courage! During the Second World War, your efforts helped to save our Europe – and it is also your Europe. Let us continue to engage in discussion on how to move towards the European res publica, for we will only be able to master future challenges if we work together. More Europe cannot mean a Europe without you!