Wednesday, September 26, 2007

F1 Spygate: Unfinished Business. Mike Lawrence

Of all the pundits that scribble a few words on the biggest circus in town, Lawrence is peerless.
Ever since I discovered this knowledgeable man and his easy style of writing I have been a great fan, in his latest feature, Unfinished Business, Lawrence gives us his take on the characters involved in "Spygate."

As always a first class and informative read, I will even forgive him having a swipe at my man Montoya in this instance, he has in the past written well of Monty so I guess on this occasion I will have to swallow the pill.

If your interest is F1 here is a direct link to Lawrence's previous articles, perhaps I should say timeless articles for the subject doesn't have to be contemporary to be extremely readable.

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