Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Article 41 Back To The Dark Ages For Iraqi Women

Come back Saddam all is forgiven. This article apart, if ever there were crimes against humanity to be answered for they surely should be answered by George W Bush and his sycophantic toady Tony Blair.

They crossed the high seas; they poured out their billions; they sacrificed their sons … to "liberate" Iraqis … but what we, the women of Iraq got, is article 41.

It gave the women of Iraq the most progressive of all Arab and Islamic women's rights legislation until this very day. No discrimination in salaries, no discrimination in uniforms, the separated Mums get to keep the home until the children are of age, and so many other items that made the female community of Iraq one of the most progressive female communities within the Arab, Islamic and regional states – from that time … until we got "liberated".

Now we have article 41 more

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