Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tiptoe Through The Tearoom And Other GOP Hits

Just How Gay Is The GOP?

Sen. Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig, just another in a long daisy chain of happy homoevidence
by Mark Morford

You need no “Da Vinci Code” to tell you of the religious right’s eternal repression of the feminine divine, its deep fear of sex, its eternal fascination with the supple flesh of young males. Hell, show me a vociferous anti-sex fundamentalist of any religious or political bent — be he Muslim, Christian, Jew, Mormon, Republican or other — and I’ll show you a slideshow of his secret nighttime fantasies so kinky and dark it would make Jenna Jameson shudder. And not in a good way........

It’s as if all the pedophilic priests and all the gay evangelists and the hooker-loving, cocaine-snorting family values GOP crusaders really want us to know that there exists no bastion of stiff, sanctimonious “moral” values that is not, at its core, corrupt and messy and wrongheaded as the Taliban at a nudist colony.

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