Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"That's the way that we do business in NSW now."

Bush's little bum chum Howard seems to be happy with the performance of his stormtroopers.
I haven't been following the Oz run up to the elections but surely this little mongrel will be shown the door.

Of the more than 6000-8000 who marched, all but a few dozen protested peacefully, without violence or aggression. More than half of all protesters were women, hundreds of elderly people marched, joined by hundreds of families, with young children.

But the 2500 police deployed, backed by a full riot squad, a water cannon, backpacks full of pepper spray, dogs and snipers in a helicopter hovering above the crowd, were pumped for the long promised "worst riots ever seen in Sydney." A promise made only by the police and state government ministers over the past few week. more and update link.

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