Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chinese Military Hacked Into Pentagon


The fact that the Chinese actually hacked the Pentagon might be news, but that they possessed the capability to do so shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, after all if some geek sat in his bedroom in England can seemingly hack with ease the Pentagon and other military and space facilities then why not the Chinese.

Given that the Yellow Peril have the ability to knock out orbiting satellites as well as mess with US war machine must have a few folk a little perturbed.

The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, say American ­officials.

The Pentagon acknowledged shutting down part of a computer system serving the office of Robert Gates, defence secretary, but declined to say who it believed was behind the attack.

Current and former officials have told the Financial Times an internal investigation has revealed that the incursion came from the People's Liberation Army. moreFT

Computerworld reports the same story with an update on McKinnon

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