Monday, October 01, 2007

And The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese. Death of Carol Ann Gotbaum


And yet another example of the power of the storm troopers run amok, handcuffs around the victims neck! stop please.

I guess the Taser marks or what ever else they did to kill the woman will show up with the autopsy.

She was late for a plane. She started yelling. She was taken into police custody.

She was handcuffed. She was put in a cell.

And then she was dead.

Yes, there is an explanation for what happened, but it’s a shocker given the fact that she was the mother of three young children, from a prominent New York City family, and she’s said to have died in a way that will raise some eyebrows until the autopsy is done — or perhaps if the matter winds up in court as part of a lawsuit: more,

CNN asks the question we all would, "How is it possible to get handcuffs around your neck?"video

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