Tuesday, October 30, 2007

De Menezes Execution Took Thirty Seconds

From the beginning of this case I have always said seven shots in the head smacked of armed cops being totally out of control, but having just read an eyewitness's report of the event I have to withdraw from that contention and say the cops were in total control, and that dear reader is a whole different ball game and a whole lot scarier.

The account from Sue Thomason, a freelance journalist from south London, gives new detail of the police “Common Purpose” murder of De Menezes:
In her statement she says: “The shots were evenly spaced with about three seconds between the shots, for the first few shots, then a gap of a little longer, then the shots were evenly spaced again.”

Mr de Menezes was murdered on July 22 on a tube train after being followed from his flat by undercover officers and soldiers who claim they were hunting terrorists......

She also says a key detail she gave of the number of shots and the interval between them was deliberately missed out from her final statement until she insisted it be included: “I’m not anti the IPCC, I just want them to get it right.” more

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