Friday, October 19, 2007

God's Godly Men Jailed Over Torture Protest

You would be forgiven for thinking this report was about some Godforsaken Central American dictatorship or nineteen thirties Germany not twenty first century America.

Let's see if the Christians of America rally round and protest this little travesty, but I'm forgetting they are only Catholics, not that I think it would make any difference if they were Baptists, good Godly Christians don't take a stance against right wing ever so fucking Christian governments, not those that are protecting America that is.
It's a bloody disgrace,

Louis Vitale, 75, a Franciscan priest, and Steve Kelly, 58, a Jesuit priest, were each sentenced to five months in federal prison for attempting to deliver a letter opposing the teaching of torture at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Both priests were taken directly into jail from the courtroom after sentencing.

Fort Huachuca is the headquarters of military intelligence in the U.S. and the place where military and civilian interrogators are taught how to extract information from prisoners. The priests attempted to deliver their letter to Major General Barbara Fast, commander of Fort Huachuca. Fast was previously the head of all military intelligence in Iraq during the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.

The priests were arrested while kneeling in prayer halfway up the driveway to Fort Huachuca in November 2006. Both priests were charged with trespass on a military base and resisting orders of an officer to stop. more

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