Thursday, October 11, 2007

Popcorn: Mountaintop Mining. Big Sugar

Sidetracked once again, not by the first film, that was yesterday's little sojourn. Mountaintop Mining a seventeen minute film introduced by Bill Moyers charts the struggle of the inhabitants of West Virginia in their constant crusade to reign in the ecological vandalism of mountaintop mining.

The damage to the environment, air quality and water resources is quite horrific. Ironically it's a group of evangelicals who are taking on the coal companies and I can't help but reflect that this is what true Christians should be doing, trying to save "God's" planet instead of sticking their noses into someone else's womb. Mountaintop Mining.

Dedicated website with more pics.

Today's dalliance was watching two forty five minute segments of "Big Sugar" a documentary produced by the CBC charting the history of sugar. it covers all aspects from slavery then to what is still modern day slavery where cane cutters are paid two dollars a ton for this bone wearying work, and as would be expected it covers the modern day impact of the sugar industry.
Like I say it's ninety minutes in length, if you have the time and the bandwidth have at it. Big Sugar.

Photo. Sonia Pierre activist, website relative to the plight of the cane cutters featured in the film though not related directly to it.

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