Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life In Burma Post Crackdown

It has been a month since rare anti-government protests in Burma were suppressed by the military government there.

The BBC news website asked people in Burma, who had been previously e-mailing daily updates about the unrest, to describe how life has changed and what has been happening since the dissent was silenced.

Life is back to normal now, 'normal' being a total decline in every area. Poverty, fear, lack of human rights, that's what's normal here.

The government pushed us into a situation even worse than before.

The inflation rate is getting higher and higher. We expect that prices will go up because the economy is suffering from the political instability.

People suffer as they don't earn enough to buy daily essentials. Many families can only afford one meal a day and people have started to drink rice juice when they can't afford to buy food.more

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