Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jesus Must Be Weeping

By Richard Belzer.

If ever there was a misnomer in the political lexicon, surely "values voters" is the all-time champ. The use of this term to describe the so-called base of the Republicans' so-called party mainly refers to an extremist, ultra-conservative, strain of so-called Christian conservatives. And what are their so-called "values"? Mostly an irrational hatred of gays, a suppression of women's rights, the assertion that only they are going to heaven and that all those that don't embrace their particular permutation of Christianity will burn (among other things) in Hell!

By their logic, if Hitler accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in the bunker, he would be in Heaven while Einstein burns in Hell! What logic! As someone recently said, most of the Republican candidates are claiming Jesus Christ as their running mate and are implicitly working the most intolerant elements of their party who are neither a majority in that party or the country.

So this small, mostly shrill and evil bunch of millionaire preachers and their minions are spreading everything but love, compassion, charity and fairness and they now are, sadly, the most important element of the party of Abe Lincoln.

Jesus must be weeping. source

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There's a special place in hell for people who say other people are going to hell.