Thursday, October 18, 2007

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Wanking

I hope you're not looking for new tips, this little piece of nonsense is all about SIN. It might be of interest if you check yourself against the writers "Sinlist"

It has always been my contention that there are but only two kinds of people in this world, wankers and liars.

Isn’t masturbation ok if it keeps you from acting out in your sexual sin?

I’m afraid that your line of reasoning doesn’t fit with Scripture. It would be comparable to asking, “Wouldn’t it be acceptable for me to vent my anger toward someone by badmouthing them if it would keep me from hitting them?”

First of all, expressing hatred to someone or giving over to masturbation will only tend to lead a person on to deeper sin. Secondly, the lesser of two evils does not mean that something isn’t evil. This line of thinking is what often comes from church leaders who have long since thrown up their hands in acquiescence to sin. In my book Counseling the Sexual Addict I wrote: “A counselor who condones a habit simply because it seems too strong to overcome demonstrates a lack of understanding and experience of God’s power to set the captive free.”

The real issue you have to come to grips with is whether or not you believe masturbation is sinful. It sounds as if you already have been convicted about your habit but are looking for a way to hold onto it. I won’t take the time to explain my reasoning here, but I will briefly mention the reasons why I believe masturbation is sinful:

• Sexuality was not created for personal enjoyment but as a way to express love to one’s mate.
• Masturbation is self-centered behavior.
• Jesus expressly calls His followers to deny themselves.
• Masturbation is driven by lust and fantasy.
• Masturbation causes a person to isolate from others.
• Masturbation is controlling.
• Masturbation causes feelings of guilt and shame—clear signs of its wrongness.
• Masturbation opens the door to other sexual sin.

Rather than scrambling to find some way to justify retaining this pernicious habit, why not start getting serious about crying out to God for the power to overcome it? Ask a Question

Source: Pure Life Ministries.


Anonymous said...

Finally Christians are starting to deal with the M word. Masturbation.

Comment by kip on April 17, 2008

After reading this post, I sincerely ask you to please seek psychiatric help. If you haven’t dealt with the mental health system previously, call 911, and they will direct you to the proper care.

Himself said...

Don't they all Chuck, don't they all. But so many of them, perhaps they should convert all churches to asylums, killing to birds with one stone. No more breeding grounds for insanity and lots of treatment centres.

Me, I'm more the clean hands dirty mind sort of a bloke, and we will leave the heart out of it.

It has been hush hush for so long, but I think it is an issue that desperately needs to be dealt with.

The hell it has, been hush hush, the jesoids are preoccupied with it.

Along with daughters' maidenhead of course.

Into the shower, Mothers and dentist today.