Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Washington Diary: Matt Frei For The BBC

Frie gives his usual gentle take on things, the US campaign trail and a little comparison with the UK edition.

The presidential election is well on course to cost more than $1bn. Counting state, senate and congressional elections, the whole 2008 cycle is expected to clock up more than $3bn.

Isn't that the GDP of some small but perfectly formed country? A large proportion of the money is spent on TV commercials. But aren't they becoming obsolete as a result of on-demand TV?

Amazingly, the ads still work. They are targeted with the precision of smart bombs to persuade undecided voters. Experts believe that they are money well spent.

All this cash and all these bags under illustrious eyes are making me yearn for the poignant simplicity and the fruit-fly brevity of a British election campaign.

Rival dynasties

First of all, our elections are a bargain at some $80m all up for the three big parties' campaigns. And that's for electing 646 members of parliament, who then choose the prime minister. more

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