Monday, October 01, 2007

Police "Failure" In Menezes Death: No Kidding


More stormtrooper tales, as I have written before seven shots in the head smacks of cops being totally out of control and when you read how Menezes was executed (below) you might tend to agree with me.

Police firearms officers shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes because of "fundamental failures" in planning, a court has heard.
An Old Bailey jury heard Mr Menezes was killed by officers who mistook him for a suicide bomber at Stockwell Tube station in London on 22 July, 2005........

"As the armed officers entered the train, Jean Charles stood up," said the lawyer. "He was grabbed by 'Ivor' and pushed back into his seat.

"Two firearms officers leant over Ivor who was holding Jean Charles and put their pistols against Jean Charles' head and fired. He was shot seven times and died immediately."
Only those officers who it was felt would give a "real insight" into the police operation that day would be called, she said. more

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