Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Louisiana Lynching and The Jena Six

For those that have been following this shameful carry on there is little new, but for others who have not here is general background to the sordid tale.

My previous posts on this subject are here and include a more in depth article of the scandalous goings on in this shabby redneck town. A direct link below then to the best reporting on the case that I have come across.

Modern-Day Court Lynching; Jena Louisiana

Louisiana Lynching and The Jena Six by Pierre Tristam

It’s the sort of story that should be front-page news and fodder for a national discussion: Six black adolescents railroaded by an all-white justice system in a small Louisiana town where terrorizing blacks is still in a day’s entertainment. Instead, between the follies in Iraq, the crack-pottery in the White House and the latest starlet sightings in rehab or in prison or in the buff, the story has barely made the major news organizations’ agenda.

There’s been some good reporting in the Washington Post and its affiliates, a few rare mentions on ABC and NBC news programs, and longer reports on NPR and Britain’s BBC. That’s about it.

What kind of shitferbrains redneck nails shite like this to his body? Stroll on!


Sub said...

Typical. your "rap-up" of the story is so far afield from the facts that it's actually a joke. These kids were not railroaded, you fabricator. They have an overzealous prosecutor down there, absolutely. Does the word "Nifong" mean anything to you. Did you rush to the aid of the Duke three when they were "railroaded" re false rape charges? I didn't think so. Instead of crying "racism" at every single turn, why don't you read and report some facts. All those kids, white and black, should face action appropriate to their behaviors. But you want to make marytrs of those six thugs that beat a kid unconscious? what a huge pile of BS.

Himself said...

All those kids, white and black, should face action appropriate to their behaviors.

Nifon Sentenced To One Whole Day