Friday, August 24, 2007

No Sex Toys Allowed You're In Dixie Now

You are by now probably aware of my feelings regarding the repressed puritans of America, so I am not going to reiterate, you can read about the subject here or here, or you can go to Babeland's Blog and have far more interesting experience as you read away

Yesterday the Eleventh Circuit court held that Alabama’s ban on sex toys is constitutional. On Valentine’s Day of all days! The ruling does so on the grounds “that Alabama has an interest in preserving “public morality” against the sale of such devices.” This ban does not prohibit owning sex toys or using them, just (just!) buying them anywhere in the state of Alabama........

While you are over at Babeland's Blog not looking in the left hand sidebar at what she has to offer the discerning perv, and not placing your order for one or more of her Premium Vibes or any number of other interesting little tricks, or not placing an order in the waterproof section for little Ducky that would bring a whole new dimension to bathnight, while you're not doing any of those things, don't read the (unfortunately few) comments on the page. A snippet below.

From Texas:
An adult bookstore employee in El Paso, Texas, sued the state after his arrest for showing two undercover officers a device shaped like a penis and telling the female officer the device would arouse and gratify her.

The employee, Ignacio Sergio Acosta, says a Texas law outlawing the manufacture, marketing or dissemination of an “obscene device” including those shaped like sex organs.........

Bondage Ducky not from Babeland.

You will find my previous writings on the good repressed folk of the South all linked and lumped together on one page, why? because

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And didn't I almost forget this little gem, from where? where else but Georgia.

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