Saturday, August 25, 2007

What The F*ck Is The Good Pastor Ted Up To?

I can't get twisted that the other protagonist in this story,Paul Huberty, is on the sex offenders list, after all half the guys in America that have ever taken a piss al fresco are probably on it, but "Tooting Ted" Haggard seems to be sailing a bit close to the wind. (again)
OK is was a bit more than taking a leak, but it was consensual and she was seventeen for Christ's sake.

Just a sideline, the link to the value of his house carries quite a bit of information (worthy of reading) including that his kids are to start a new school, whereas they are probably Jesusy little bleeders and I normally wouldn't bother me arse over them, I have to admit to feeling more than a little sorry for the poor fuckers.
I can't see myself being around in twenty years but it would be interesting to see just how fucked up they end up being. The whole family for that matter.

Ted Haggard, as we learned today on Colorado Confidential, wants you to pay for his and his wife’s living expenses while they go to college—they’re destitute, you see. (Colorado Confidential reports that the Haggards currently own a house in Colorado Springs valued at close to a three quarters of a million dollars.) In an open letter sent to Haggard’s gullible “supporters,” the disgraced preacher gives two addresses where money can be sent.

Checks can be sent to Haggard’s mailing address in Phoenix or, if a supporter needs a tax deduction, checks can be sent to Families With a Mission, a charity based in Colorado Springs. more

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