Monday, August 27, 2007

Sometimes I Feel Like Bitch Slapping Someone With Half A Common

I don't normally bother my arse over wannabe presidential candidates, I actually find the whole debate/interview thing totally lacking in class and devoid of any kind of dignity.

Pam Spaulding writes on Americablog about an interview between Ron Paul and John Lofton. Much talk about gays and sin and the whole nine yards, but it was the last line that Pam mentions that caught my eye.

Lofton goes on to say that "God will not bless an army or a military that is full of unrepentent, practicing homosexuals, and adulterers and fornicators."

Just how demented, delusional and fucking warped does a person have to be to spew forth such fucking insane Christo psychobabble as that?

Fucking stroll on, only in America!

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