Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get Over It You Sad Bastards

A racism row has broken out after villagers posed as 'Muslim Page 3 girls' during a carnival parade.

The 17 revellers dressed in burkhas held up placards with names such as Miss Sleptwithajudgistan and Miss Hairyassisbadistan.

The group calling themselves 'The Page 3 Beauties from the Ramalama Ding Dong Times' were ribbing plans by Prince Charles' Duchy Estate in Cornwall to build a mosque nearby. more

And here's the cracker.

Residents claim the mosque is unnecessary as Cornwall has only 33 practising Muslims out of a population of 22,000.

And this is not from the article but something I tripped over today. It works for me.

Because Islam is a demented cult built on the hallucinations of a psychotic, thieving, dishonorable, and a genocidal Arab.

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