Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig, A few Albertos and a Pissed Bog Squad Cop: Audio Tape

It's human nature to lie when you're trying to save your ass but there comes a time when you have to hold your hand up.

Now I don't know if the good Godly people of the gem state are pissed because Craig is gay and has a penchant for seedy sex or they are pissed, as I would be, that Craig is asking them to believe stuff that even a congenital idiot of the Bush blood line would have a problem with.
This is certainly the case with the bog squad cop as Craig tries to convince him that he, the cop, has imagined how the whole thing went down.
Or perhaps what really pissed the cop was Craig throwing a few "Albertos" at him when Craig "couldn't recall."

Time to pull the stumps up Senator, leg before, played on and caught behind normally means you're out.

Eight minute audio of police interview with Craig

Idaho Governor: The Bell Has Rung

Idaho sees red over Craig

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