Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sickness Of Suppression

And ain't it so, the Christian right could give the Muslims lessons in suppression. If they got rid of some God and realised this ain't a rehearsal and looked for reward and gratification in this world and not the next, then they might enjoy life a bit more, sans plank up their collective arses.

Satan's in the stall beside me. by Nina Burleigh

The demise of mountain state Republican Senator Larry Craig amuses those of us who enjoy watching right-wing heroes crash to the ground, spiked on their own hypocrisy. It further confirms my theory: prick any conservative and the kink oozes out. The rockier the rib, the more likely you'll find pink lingerie under the trousers or a bullwhip and manacles in the bedside drawer.

You can bet those Beltway dominatrices, madams and escorts (gay and straight) have been able to buy second homes -- maybe even in Sun Valley! -- with their haul during W's reign.
Satan's in the Stall Beside Me

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