Friday, August 31, 2007

It's A Funny Old World. Wooden Leg Edition

Strange buggers those Swedes.

Sock Addict Charged With Theft

The man in his 30s who was arrested in Örebro on Tuesday on suspicion of stealing socks from women was charged on Saturday with three counts of theft.

According to the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, the man - masked with a stocking over his head - managed to remove the socks directly from the women's feet. One of the women was also relieved of her shoes and support braces.

Another disabled woman stated that the man seemed to "pant and shake with sexual excitement" as he tackled her footwear.

"But I just wanted to feel her artificial leg," said the man in questioning. "It was nothing sexual." source

I came across this snippet whilst tracking down another Mohamed cartoon story, if you have any interest click their homepage, personally I can't be bothering me arse to put it together.

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