Monday, August 20, 2007

Charlatan Showman Benny Hinn. Canadian Dollars? That'll Do Nicely


"Pastor" (oh please) Benny Hinn was in Toronto this weekend.
The video aluded to in the article can be found here, I watched this myself some while ago. I have not linked directly to the vid but the link will take you to the video page where you can find other stuff of interest.

The shows are free but, as at all his crusades, donations will be sought and many buckets will be passed as the audience sings rousing hymns along with a mass choir amid a light show worthy of a rock concert. While Hinn acknowledges people come mainly to see and take part in the healing miracles, that is left to the feverish end – they will first hear him preach, pray and sing in his trademark white suit.

But Hinn arrives under a cloud after the CBC's The Fifth Estate this week challenged his claims of miracle cures and described a lavish lifestyle of fancy cars, a 7,000-square-foot ocean-side mansion and luxury travel to five-star hotels on a private jet.

In the show, reporter Bob McKeown estimates Benny Hinn Ministries takes in as much as $250 million a year in donations and proceeds from sales of such items as autographed bibles. more

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