Friday, August 24, 2007

Taliban Have A Gay Old Time


There's no doubt that the Taliban government of Afghanistan was one of the most fearsomely puritanical regimes the world has ever seen. The list of banned activities included music, dancing, shaving, keeping pigeons and flying kites....(pigeons and kites wtf?)

They show a less-familiar side of the Taliban: elaborately dressed men with eye make-up and varnished fingernails in androgynous poses. Some hold kalashnikovs, some hold flowers and some hold hands with each other - often in front of a colourful backdrop that brings to mind Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music....

In spite of the intolerance of this dark ages regime it would appear homosexuality is far from uncommon nor pederasty for that matter.

Guardian article here with link to a short video hosted by Slate or direct link to Slate here.

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