Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Others On Gonzales

I didn't have to go wandering hither and tither to bring you these, all via Huffpo and all readable.

Marty Kaplan. Bye Bye 'Berto

Nora Ephron. It was you, Fredo

Steve Benon. The Unspoken Rationale

James Moore. Oh, the places he went

Nothing of note from the Rude Pundit as yet, a few scraps but nothing in true RP style, I'm sure he won't disappoint and no doubt give us a classic in the near future.

It was way back in March when I added a caption to the graphic, whodathunk he would have lasted so long?

I did put together in April what I thought was a rather splendid "Mr Toast" cartoon essay.
The Trials And Tribulations Of Alberto Gonzales

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