Monday, August 27, 2007

If You Really Are Dubya's Pappy It Destroys My Spore Theory!

History Is The Last Refuge Of Scoundrels by David Michael Green

Or Mammas and Pappas and a Baby Fuckup Named George

An excellent little, well not so little really, shall I say an essay of middling length on the family and times of George W Bush. A worthy read.

My sense, honestly, is that Poppy Bush is many things - with most of them on the political and fatherly fronts more than a little distasteful - but that he is nevertheless also a believer in America and a patriot. If so, ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Because that means he cares about the country, he believes in its tropes, and he must know at some level, a level hard to suppress sufficiently deep enough, that he is the guy who gave the world the guy who is wrecking it all.

In fact, we know he knows, because it was revealed in a recent New York Times article that people walk up to him all the time and say how much they appreciate and like him, but, um, er, uh, like what the fuck happened with your kid, man? more

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