Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Belongs In A Big House

That's not a white one mind you, it's a house in the country where everybody sits around all day in their own piss and neck large amounts of psychotropic medicine. The man is clearly and unequivocally insane.

If America doesn't end up with a Dem President in 08 then I think it would be time to pull the stumps up and take the bat and ball home.

Who is the choice going to be between? a totally fucking insane lying batshit crazy, "I just adore those silky panties on my cock," drag queen, or flip flop tie my dog to the roof member of an equally batshit crazy religious cult. Some fucking choice.

Giuliani: Worse Than Bush

Mr. Giuliani backs all of the most brazen features of the Bush administration's global agenda. But he tosses in several deeply scary initiatives of his own that George W. never touched.

Giuliani first provides a post-facto assessment of the Vietnam War which serves as his base doctrine. He believes we could have won the war but we precipitously "withdrew" our support in 1972. Had we stayed..........

With Vietnam as his global measuring stick, Giuliani ticks off all of the programs he plans to hold fast to from the Bush era. He promises to pursue Bush's strategy in Iraq relentlessly to "eliminate the export of terror," and warns that, as in Vietnam, any withdrawal would be a sign of weakness and "an invitation for more war." ... more

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