Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Going To Be Trouble At 'Mill? : Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, a former Islamist, has been elected president in a parliamentary vote.

Mr Gul was elected in a third round of voting, after months of tension between Turkey's ruling Islamist-rooted AK Party and the secular establishment.

The vote came a day after a new warning from the military about attempts to undermine the secular constitution.

Mr Gul, whose wife wears a Muslim headscarf, has pledged to respect Turkey's secular institutions.

The AKP, which won recent snap polls, needed only a simple majority in the third round of voting.

Turkey's military chief warned on Monday that "centres of evil" were trying to undermine the state. BBC


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Mornin' me lovely.

“No one can be forced to drink or not to drink. This is a religious and ideological imposition,” Musa Çam, a deputy from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said. “This is not a struggle against the ills of alcohol but an attempt to re-design the society according to their beliefs and lifestyle,” he added.

Smoking while driving is also prohibited.

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Oh, good grief, there's absolutely nothing these people won't say to cover their religious agenda. No shame at all.

The Prisoner
A real shame for all the normal, honest, hardworking Turks to have such crazy people now running their country.

Aydin Amsterdam
To the alcoholics among us: No worries, you only have to hurry to buy your bottle before 22 o'clock.


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The US has expressed concern over Turkey's handling of the protests and Amnesty International condemned the police's tactics.

In his speech, Mr Erdogan criticised the "preaching" of foreign governments, saying they "should first look at their own countries".

He's got a point there...


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Beautiful people crossing the Bosphorus Bridge to support the protestors at Istanbul's Taksim Square


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Good morning my lovely.

I just took a look to see if Pat Condell had anything to say about the situation. Not yet, but here is his latest.


moderate muslim = out of bullets


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