Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Jewish Boy Became SS Mascot

Quite a human interest story.

Alex Kurzem came to Australia in 1949 carrying just a small brown briefcase, but weighed down by some harrowing psychological and emotional baggage.

Tucked away in his briefcase were the secrets of his past - fragments of his life that he kept hidden for decades.

In 1997, after raising a family in Melbourne with his Australian bride, he finally revealed himself. He told how, at the age of five, he had been adopted by the SS and became a Nazi mascot.

His personal history, one of the most remarkable stories to emerge from World War II, was published recently in a book entitled The Mascot. more

In the late sixties I worked alongside a German who had been in the Hitler Youth, to that day the Jew was still the root cause of all the ills in the world.

"The Hitler Youth were the finest days of my life." Whatever you say.

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